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Graceland Drowning


Client: Self-Project

Self Project

Details: This is a visualization of Graceland being flooded.

Online Shopping Cart Ads





Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objectives: To create billboard ads for homepage of online shopping cart to promote various holiday specials

Details: Every holiday (even the crummy ones that you don’t get off work for) I designed ads to promote special deals.  Also, the shopping cart’s theme was changed to reflect each holiday (header was modified). Most ads were light-hearted in nature.

Ace Boone Social Media Blitz


Client: Ace Boone (Southern Rock Band)

Objectives: To build Ace Boone a Web 2.0 presence.

Details: With the launch of their new CD, we launched an onslaught of online promotion highlighed by a commerce-ready, web 2.0 myspace make-over. On this site, interested venues can book shows online. Also, fans can get Ace Boone ringtones, wall-papers, t-shirts, and of course purchase music. Other popular social sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr were populated with Ace Boone media in order to help out with search engine optimization. Since the mypsace launch in may, traffic has almost quadrupled!