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Graceland Drowning


Client: Self-Project

Self Project

Details: This is a visualization of Graceland being flooded.

Tri-Relief “Fight Against Pain” Ad

Tri-Relief Advanced Pain Treatment

Objective: Create an ad to appeal to 18-34 active males, ad appeared as a footer on a shopping cart page

Tri-Relief is a topical pain treatment for headaches, muscle-aches, and arthritis. The typical demographic for Tri-Relief has been the elderly. In order to venture into other channels, Tri-Relief will need to be geared more towards a younger, hipper crowd (think how Cadillac has re-branded to a younger generation). This is one of the first ads aimed at a younger audience.

Workflow: Cinema4D, Photoshop

All Stop & Liceadex Shopping Cart Headers








Client: All Stop and Liceadex brand products

Brand various All Stop and Liceadex products for shopping cart sales pages

All Stop brand products treat various skin ailments such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, poison ivy, and skin parasites. On the other hand, Liceadex products treat different types of lice such as head lice and pubic lice. Each header was branded by either product, brand or ailment depending on the affliction. This is the first thing people see at the top of the page when they land on the page after clicking on a Google Adwords ad. The client requested that there be a picture of the product as well as a few features and benefits of each product.

Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Pet’s BestRx Mighty Vites Header

Client: Pet’s BestRx


Objective: Create a header ad for shopping cart page for Mighty Vites, a multi-vitamin for pets

Pet’s BestRx is a vitamin supplement for pets that gives pets the nutrients they need, and also enables them to fight age deterioration effectively while leading longer, healthier and happier lives. The concept behind the ad was motion and energy. To show this on a still frame, I added a lot of motion blur and made the dog appear like he jumping. Also, a boxer was chosen because it was an athletic looking dog.

Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Tri-Relief “Pain Management”


Client: Tri-Relief Advanced Pain Relief

Create header for shopping cart page for Tri-Relief, a topical pain treatment

Tri-Relief is a pain management similar to Tylenol but more powerful. This topical cream can be used for muscle aches, headaches, and arthritis. The header ad is a lighthearted look that was designed to showcase the benefits of the product, and emphasize the products versatility.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop