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Bed Bug Bureau Brand Identity

Bed Bug Bureau (Commercial Bed Bug Division of Q-Based Solutions, Inc.)

Objectives: Create a simple minimal logo for the Bed Bug Bureau

Details: Having bed bugs in your hotel is like having rats in your place. No one wants to admit it even though bed bugs have increased 1000% since 2007. Thus, the Bed Bug Bureau brand is like a secret agent society that covertly helps hospitality businesses with their bed bug problems. The identity for the brand was “brown-paper” wrapper simple. Other elements for the brand included black and white silhouettes of a male and female secret agent.

Workflow: Illustrator

Bed Bug Bureau & Dead Bed Bugs Regimen Handbooks


Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

To research, write, and get published Bed Bug Treatment Handbook for consumers and the hospitality industry.

Coming from a research background, I was the sole data collector for this project. I also designed the layout and graphics. Proper bed bug management can be a very in-depth. Thus, each handbook ended up being 50 pages. One handbook was branded and targeted for the hospitality industry. The other handbook covered do-it-yourself consumer bed bug treatment. Custom elements were created for each brand. Also, icons were created to emphasize the overall theme of the 3-step treatment system: detect, destroy,  and deter.

Bed Bug Bureau Site


Client: Bed Bug Bureau (Q-Based Solutions, Inc.)

Objectives: To build a web home page to promote Bed Bug Bureau, a commercial bed bug division as well as cross-promote

Details: Bed Bugs have invaded the hospitality industry all over the world (yes, they are real!). It’s an embarrassing problem no one wants to discuss. Thus, the Bed Bug Bureau (BBB) brand was born. The Bed Bug Bureau brand has a secret agent feel to it in order to emphasise how covert the bed bug treatment system is.