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All Stop Poison Ivy Treatment Ebay Campaign


Client: All Stop (Q-Based Solutions, Inc.)

To create an ad campaign to promote a poison ivy treatment product on Ebay

All Stop is a product that works especially well on relieving cases of poison ivy. I wrote a campaign that makes light of instances you don’t want to catch poison ivy. The campaign was executed as a Flash slide show on Ebay. Visually, All Stop Poison Ivy treatment was given an outdoor look to it.

inferno Intern Recruitment Campaign (Concept 1)

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Client: inferno ad agency

Objectives: To conceptualize and build collateral pieces for the Intern recruitment program at inferno.

Details: From concept to execution, I made a poster to be used to help recruit candidates for the internship program. The poster was designed as a spin-off of a 1980’s style airplane safety manual. The copy was intended to appeal to a college-age audience.

RIPS Bar and Gym Print Ad Campaign


Client: RIPS Gym and Bar

Objectives: Under-graduate senior project in which assignment was to create a complete identity for a business that unified two different business into one (e.g., a gym + a sports bar).

Details: The print ad campaign was a series of workout instruction charts and was highlighted with humor appeals throughout each ad. The illustrations in each chart were made by combining popular exercises with drinking terms. The headlines in the ads were six pack abs, deadweight, get ripped, hammered curl,
and power hour.