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Elvis TCB iphone wallpaper


Client: self-project
Objective: self-project
Details: Taking care of biznazz

Ace Boone iphone wallpapers



Client: Ace Boone (Southern Rock Band,

Objectives: Build viral-wallpapers and promote them through social networks.

Details: Wallpapers were made as part of a promotional effort to ultimately drive traffic to Ace Boone’s myspace site. The main vehicle used to spread them was Ace Boone’s Facebook fan page.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

3D Product Renderings


All Stop Brand Products

Objectives: Create 3D renderings of show-case products for prime shelf-space

Details: Modeling the steamer was a challenge due to time constraints and the very unorthodox shape of the plastic shell. The  All Stop healing/gel medicated skin cream combo was showcased on a ringworm site.

Workflow: Cinema4D, Photoshop

New Years Resolution Campaign Ad


Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objective: Promote free product offers for the top 2 new years resolutions (quit smoking and weight loss)

Details: Ad needed to promote two seperate offers. I used fireworks in the background to tie in the two seperate products.  Ad was placed on front page of shopping cart during the New Year’s Resolution season.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

100 Top Fitness Tips E-Guide Cover


Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objectives: Create a cover for a free-bonus E-guide

Details: The E-Guide was sent out as a free bonus during the New Year of Last Year (Jan. 09). This was a companion product for a weight-loss formula.  Fitness model was enhanced with color correction and background as well as subtle sweat beads.