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Pet’s BestRx “Sad Eyes” Campaign


Client: Pet’s Best Rx

Objective: To build shopping cart category headers per affliction

Pet’s BestRx brand pet products are sold for various pet skin ailments such as ear mites, arthritis, infected skin, ringworm, mange, and staph. Several layers of color and a  dark vignette was used to give the headers a dramatic flair. Also, the animals were cropped to show their sad eyes. Most eyes were color corrected to look “more sad”.

Workflow: Photoshop

Xtreme Cleen Header


Client: PuracleenRX

Objective:To build web ad for Swine Flu killing product

Details: PuracleenRX Xtreme Cleen is a high-end concentrated cleaner. Ingredients in it have been proven to kill bacteria that can cause H1N1 (formerly swine flu). The ad is a illustrated look of the product clashing with the virus.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Sleep Like a Baby Mattress Ad

All Stop

Objective: To make a grabber ad for shopping cart conversion page for premium mattress covers.

Details: There are many things that stop a person from getting a great night’s sleep. Some of these reasons include allergies, dust mites, mold mildew, and sweat. The concept for the ad was to illustrate a dreamy-like state. The moon was built in 3D and then the background and foreground was composited in Photoshop. Color corrections were also made in Photoshop.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Pet’s PestRx Mange Site Header




Client: Pet’s BestRX

Objectives: Build a distinct, playful site graphics for pet site

Details: This was for the header of a shopping cart.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

ProEcza Shopping Cart Page Header

Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objective: To re-brand and build graphics for ProEcza, advanced Eczema Skin Treatment

Details: One of the biggest problems with having Eczema is dealing with flaky, dry skin. Thus, the main concept behind re-branding of ProEcza was to emphasize moisturizing. Water was the main element used to emphasize this point. Also, ProEcza is an environmentally-friendly, completely non-toxic skin treatment. Therefore, using water and the product together goes hand-in-hand.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop