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Liceadex Point-Of-Purchase Poster


Client: Liceadex Lice Products

Objectives: To increase in-store awareness of newly launched Lice product

Details: I recently took part in the re-branding of a line of lice products called Liceadex. Sized at the standard 11×17, this poster was used as supplemental material for in-store displays for Liceadex, a non-toxic lice treatment product.

Workflow: Strata 3D, Illustrator, Photoshop

Ace Boone Promo Poster


Client: Ace Boone (southern rock band)

Objectives: To create an identity for a rock band. Tasks included making a logo, t-shirt, and poster for the band.

Details: The poster was designed to look like a handwritten note taped to a telephone poll. It was constructed in this manner to
symbolize the bare-bones, no-frill style of Ace Boon. In addition to being printed as an 11×17 poster, the design was also printed as a black and white hand-out flyer.

Burning Man


Client: Burning Man Art Festival

To create a poster for the Burning Man Art Festival (school project).

Details: The Burning Man Art Festival is an eight day long event that is an experiment in extreme self-expression. It is held every year in the desert in Nevada. The poster concept was meant to be very graphical in nature. To represent the handmade nature of the festival, a warm, organic color palette was implemented. The above graphic was used as an 11×17 poster.

Josh Taylor Band


Client: Josh Taylor (singer/songwriter)

Objectives: To create a series of graphics that can be used as promotional ads for various live performances.

Taylor needed graphic artwork that would reflect his mainstream, radio-friendly style. To reflect Taylor’s style-characteristics, treated photography combined with handwritten and simple sanserif display fonts were selected as the consistent elements throughout the series of graphics. The above graphic was used as an 11×17 poster.