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PureWood USA Decking Samples

Purewood USA


Client: PureWood USA

To design wood sample labels to introduce and inform lumber dealers of the benefits of PureWood brand thermally modified wood.

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, PureWood USA is company that sells premium wood used for decking and other outdoor furniture projects. A wood sample design was needed for each sub-brand of the PureWood Family: Linea and Sahara. The label functioned as a reversible flat with branding elements on the front and benefits of the product on the flipside.

RIPS Gym and Bar Product Line


Client: RIPS Gym and Bar (Mega Brew line)

Objectives: Under-graduate senior project in which assignment was to create a complete identity for a business that unified two different business into one (e.g., a gym+ a sports bar).

Details: RIPS brand products were made by constructing alcohol products such as liquor and beer and dietary workout supplements.  Research included visually investigating many different types of bottles, and containers as well as alcohol labels and high-end dietary supplements. The names of the products were combinations of common drinking adjectives and strong, powerful words.  Each product shared common design elements throughout to keep the look of the brand consistent.

Pepsi Design Our Can Contest Entree

Pepsi label


Client: Pepsi Design Our Can Contest 2007

Objective: National contest sponsored by Pepsi to redesign their can. Entries were judged based on originality, creativity, and strengthening of the Pepsi brand.

Details: Pepsi’s current main marketing strategy is to reach out to the teen generation by offering them an integrated message of the young lifestyle by depicting themes such as music, sports, and other entertainment. My entry was centered on summer-time subject matter. Specifically, the design is an illustration of iconic Hawaiian images.