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Butch Jefferson Jackson


Client: Ace Boone (Southern Rock Band)

Objective: Create iconic imagery of the human mascot for Ace Boone

Details: Butch Jefferson Jackson is known for having the “best hips in the business”. Imagery was needed to reflect his free spirit. Inspiration was drawn from classic rock artwork and those cheesy country concert t-shirts (see  late 80′s or early 90′s Reba MacEntire, Garth Brooks, or Tobey Keith for reference). Memorabilia was created to sell at shows and online (

RIP's Gym and Bar



Client: RIPS Gym and Bar

Under-graduate senior project in which assignment was to create a complete identity for a business that unified two different business into one (e.g., a gym + a sports bar).

Details: Research for this project included visually fabricating an archetype of the typical end-user of the business as well as a great deal of other visual exploration for various aspects of the business. The logo was inspired by ancient Greek Statues and classic “workout poses” as well as contemporary sports logos. The ad campaign was a series of workout charts and was highlighted with humor appeals throughout each ad. RIPS brand products were made by constructing alcohol products such as liquor and beer as well as workout supplements.

Ace Boone


Client: Ace Boone (southern rock band)

Objectives: To create an identity for a rock band. Tasks included making a logo, t-shirt, and poster for the band.

Details: Hailing from New Iberia, Louisiana, Ace Boone is known for their showmanship, creativity, and bare-bones rock and roll. The term “ace boone” means best buddy. To construct the logotype, research was conducted by examining beer labels, whiskey labels, graphics of other southern rock bands, tattoos, and even different styles of poker cards. The final mark reflects the wide range of initial research by combining multiple elements such as the spade inside the “A” and a hand-constructed font with calligraphic swashes.

Josh Taylor Band

Josh Taylor Band

Josh Taylor Logo

Client: Josh Taylor Band

Objectives: To create an identity for a popular, local singer/songwriter.

Details: Josh Taylor Band, known for their spin on popular covers and original pop/rock songs needed a logo and business cards that would reflect their mainstream, radio-friendly style. The logo was designed to appear as a guitar pick with a modified version of Taylor’s signature on it. The font face, drawn from scratch, is a hybrid grouping of calligraphy elements and handwritten serif fonts. The business cards were constructed by combining distressing techniques, photographic elements, and typography.

Louisiana Raccoons

Client: Louisiana Raccoons

Objectives: To create an identity for a pro football team in the Southwestern Louisiana area. This project was an independent study conducted during graduate school.

Details: A raccoon was chosen as the mascot because it would be a distinct solution. Other animals found in the area such as crawfish or alligators were not considered because they have been overused in graphics throughout Louisiana. Raccoons are typically described as intelligent, clever, and sometimes havoc-wreaking. Thus, a football team is well-represented with a mascot such as a raccoon. Research for the design included learning about raccoons and the southwestern Louisiana culture, as well as examining and analyzing other various modern pro sports logos to best give the raccoon an up to date appearance.  Colors were inspired by the Louisiana state flag.