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Studio 84 School of Dance

Client: Studio 84 School of Dance
Details: The client went through a name change. Thus, they needed a new identity. The silhouette logo bug purpose is to illustrate energy. The logotype is a retro font.

Basecamp Records


Client: Basecamp Records

Objective: Create an identity for a start-up record company

Details: Basecamp Records is not your father’s record company. The name was actually a nickname of a nickname of the apartment of one of the founders. You know the place? It was resided by a group of long-time friends who went to college together always had that one apartment in college where there is always someone sleeping on the couch, it’s about as clean as a fraternity house, and the only studying going on is trying to remember their conversation from the hot chick they met at the bar from the night before. You get the point. A typical group of males in college. So, when they decided to grow up and go into business together, their years of friendship could only help with their goals of making Basecamp a success. Basecamp’s main focus is taking talented, unproven artists and building an unstoppable following built from playing live shows, working hard at their craft, and a strong web 2.0 authority, all in hopes of making a living playing music for a living. The design was meant to be simple that way it would never take away from the branding of the band being promoted.

Workflow: Illustrator

PamperVention Logo

PamperVention Beauty Line (logo bug AND logo shown)

Objective: Create an identity for a line of beauty products

Details: What happens when you enter the highly competitive skin care beauty product market with extremely, cheap ugly packaging? For one, competing becomes a real ugly duck vs. a super-model situation. PamperVention did have one competitive advantage that it could claim: Its products not only beauty enhancing traits such as moisturizing, it also had a slew of medicinal skin care benefits. My task was to re-brand the PamperVention line and make it more worthy of it’s price tag while emphasizing the beauty + medicinal benefits. After the re-branding, PamperVention packs were successfully sold on Ebay. The “P” on the logo was stylized to appear like the universal female sign. Also, the horizontal line also made a “+” to symbolize medicinal AND beauty.


Bed Bug Bureau Brand Identity

Bed Bug Bureau (Commercial Bed Bug Division of Q-Based Solutions, Inc.)

Objectives: Create a simple minimal logo for the Bed Bug Bureau

Details: Having bed bugs in your hotel is like having rats in your place. No one wants to admit it even though bed bugs have increased 1000% since 2007. Thus, the Bed Bug Bureau brand is like a secret agent society that covertly helps hospitality businesses with their bed bug problems. The identity for the brand was “brown-paper” wrapper simple. Other elements for the brand included black and white silhouettes of a male and female secret agent.

Workflow: Illustrator

People ‘N Pets Logo Design

Client: Pet’s BestRx Brand Products

Objectives: To create a logo for the Ning powered social network

Ning takes on larger social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace by appealing to people who want to create their own social networks around specific interests with their own visual design, choice of features and member data. While other designs such as ones with puppies and other hear configurations were scrutinized closely, eventually the heart with the playful web 2.0 style outlines was the chosen design. Feminine appealing colors were chosen because the largest demographic for members on the page was female.

Workflow: Illustrator, Photoshop