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BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth headset with HD Audio

Client: BlueAnt Wireless

Details:Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in Chicago, Silicon Valley and London, BlueAnt Wireless is a market leader in Bluetooth and Mobile Entertainment. The Q2 is high-end award winning bluetooth headset that offers superior sound and is extremely easy-to-use. It is also extremely small. The video was built entirely in 3D (Cinema 4D) and later composited in After Effects. The video was used as a sales tool to help with distribution.

Production Company: Vidox Motion Imagery
Direction and Script: Chris Allain, Angela Wong
3D Modeling and Animation: Scott Rachal, Joel Hebert
Compositing: Scott Rachal
Styleboards/Motion Graphics: JD Mahoney, Joel Hebert
Music and Sound FX: Cal Stevenson

“Sleep Deprivation” Paravinyl Mattress Encasement Spot


All Stop

Objective: Create a spot for premium water-proof mattress encasements

Details: The underlying theme behind the spot deals with the number one reason why people need mattress protection to begin with…loss of sleep. Stylistically, the cool color scheme and various lighting effects were used to emphasize a dream-like starry state.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, BodyPaint 3D, Mudbox, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Swine Flu Survival Guide, “Molecule Dance”


Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objective: Create a 30 seconds spot to promote a Swine Flu Survival Guide

Details: The main idea behind this spot was to illustrate just how easy it is to spread swine flu. This spot was slightly stylized and abstract. The star of the spot is the spreading molecules. Slimy green was used to symbolize germ spreading.The spot was posted throughout the internet to drive traffic and increase sales of the Swine Flu Survival Guide.

WorkFlow: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere

Dead Bed Bugs “Bed Bug Casino” 30 Second Spot


Client: Dead Bed Bugs Residential Bed Bug Treatment

Objective: To write, direct, design, edit, a series of commercials advertising Dead Bed Bug Brand Products

Details: This is a 30 second cut of the Bed Bug treatment series I worked on. The main idea of the commercial was that Bed Bug’s are literally having the time of your life while you restlessly try to sleep. I had 5 weeks to complete the 5.5 minutes of video. There were over 20 all-CG scenes in the series and over 75 different scenes altogether in the final composite. All scenes were branded to the Dead Bed Bug brand. I tried to keep the scenes cutting as fast as possible to keep viewer interest high (pest control is not typically the most interesting subject matter!).

Workflow: Illustrator, Photoshop, Zbrush, Strata 3D, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro

All Stop ER Family Kit Infomercial


Client: All Stop (Q-Based Solutions, Inc.)

Objectives: To create an infomercial for The All Stop ER Family Kit, a catch-all product

Details: All Stop ER Family Kit is product that has too many uses to list. Thus, the objective of the infomercial was to inform the consumer how they can save money and space in their medicine cabinet by keeping a kit handy. The infomercial was built to be fast-paced and light-hearted in nature. I think one problem with most infomercials is that they are obnoxious and they scream at people and make to many outlandish claims. This informercial was designed to not take itself so seriously and not go the typical infomercial route. From writing the script to directing the spokesperson to all post-production duties, I did everything on this project myself. The whole project had to be completed in less than a month.

Workflow: Illustrator, Strata 3D, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere