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PuracleenRX trifold



Client: PuracleenRX

Objectives: Create a store-ready trifold brochure to justify premium level price for PuracleenRX trifold

Details: PuracleenRX is a brand of eco-friendly cleaning products. Ingredients in some of the products have been proven to kill h1n1(formerly swine flu). This trifold was to be used in stores that carry PuracleenRX products.

Cinema 4D, Photoshop

SECON/The Facet Group Co-Branded Trifold Brochure


Client: SECON drug screening / The Facet Group

Objectives: To design a co-branded trifold to be used at sales conferences across the country.

Details: SECON is a drug testing company headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Facet Group is a background screening organization that is also stationed in Lafayette. The main point of the trifold was to promote the two companies unique joint-services that offers businesses’ background and drug screening in one place. The theme of the trifold was a fusion of services. The artwork and the visual hierarchy of the layout was constructed to stress this point.

Smith and Nephew Key Cards


Client: Smith & Nephew

Objectives: To build graphics and layout for keycard used at the National Smith and Nephew Orthopedic Conference in Miami during Fall 07.

Details: Smith & Nephew is a worldwide medical supply company. Their Orthopedics’ division is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. My objective was to illustrate the predetermined headline “Your access to new trauma solutions”, while adhering to Smith & Nephew’s very strict branding guidelines.

Ace Boone Memorabillia


ace boone shirt

Client: Ace Boone (southern rock band)

Objectives: To create an identity for a rock band. Tasks included making a logo, t-shirt, and poster for the band.

Details: The business card’s were designed  to look like playing cards. A multitude of patterns were used as inspiration. Also, the cards were constructed as the exact size of playing cards to look more realistic. The t-shirt’s style was influenced by contemporary t-shirt fashion. Research included investigating silk-screening methods used at popular fashion destinations.