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BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth headset with HD Audio

Client: BlueAnt Wireless

Details:Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in Chicago, Silicon Valley and London, BlueAnt Wireless is a market leader in Bluetooth and Mobile Entertainment. The Q2 is high-end award winning bluetooth headset that offers superior sound and is extremely easy-to-use. It is also extremely small. The video was built entirely in 3D (Cinema 4D) and later composited in After Effects. The video was used as a sales tool to help with distribution.

Production Company: Vidox Motion Imagery
Direction and Script: Chris Allain, Angela Wong
3D Modeling and Animation: Scott Rachal, Joel Hebert
Compositing: Scott Rachal
Styleboards/Motion Graphics: JD Mahoney, Joel Hebert
Music and Sound FX: Cal Stevenson

Vidox Reel Branding


Client: Vidox Louisiana Video Production (worked on in-house)

Details: Branding Plates for work samples used on company web site and on Vidox’s Vimeo Page. I worked on this in-house for Vidox, a production company based in Lafayette, LA.

Swine Flu Survival Guide, “Molecule Dance”


Client: Q-Based Solutions, Inc.

Objective: Create a 30 seconds spot to promote a Swine Flu Survival Guide

Details: The main idea behind this spot was to illustrate just how easy it is to spread swine flu. This spot was slightly stylized and abstract. The star of the spot is the spreading molecules. Slimy green was used to symbolize germ spreading.The spot was posted throughout the internet to drive traffic and increase sales of the Swine Flu Survival Guide.

WorkFlow: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere

Liceadex Opening Promo


Client: Liceadex Advanced Lice Treatment

Objective: Design and animate an opening intro. for a collection of  online lice instructional videos

Details: This intro is an abstract look at the awesome power behind Liceadex Lice Treatment + free online lice instruction. The soundtrack for the piece was inspired by cinematic style trailers.

Workflow: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Bed Bug Casino Explosion


Client: Dead Bed Bugs Residential Bed Bug Treatment

To Create a series of signs for a Bed Bug commercial that parody the “Las Vegas Welcome Sign”

Details: This was a scene from the intro for a Bed Bug infomercial. It was also used in a stand-alone 30 second spot. The main idea of the commercial was that Bed Bug’s are literally having the time of your life while you restlessly try to sleep.  This was the finale in a series of plates that literally exploded into the next scene at the end. Each plate had a light-hearted message about the annoyance of Bed Bugs.

Workflow: ZBrush (model of the giant foot), Strata 3D, After Effects