Idea Will Always Be King

Marketing, branding, and advertising come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, budgets and so on. SO….What makes a marketing message stick out through the clutter and into the conscious of the average person? Is it the fact that Spike Lee directed it? Is it because Tiger Woods is doing something amazing like juggling a golf-ball with his club? Is it because there are babies on it selling stocks? Is it because some pitchman is screaming at you at 11:30 at night about some grill named after a boxer? Is it because someone is showing cute puppies trapped in a shelter cage pleading for help?  To be honest, no matter what the execution of the message, idea will always be the most important element of any great marketing message. Thus, it doesn’t matter if the message is delivered by Tiger Woods or your half deaf/half blind uncle Harold…Just as long as that big idea is there. Just think of all the crappy movies you’ve seen that cost 150 million to make? They may look cool. They may be full of hot movies stars. But they are still more boring than watching grass grow. Now, think about those wildly popular, funny, silly, and ridiculous You-Tube video that some person recorded with their cell-phone for about the cost of their monthly bill? One of these forms of entertainment had a great idea behind it. The other did not. Can you guess which is which?

In this day of marketing clutter, my job is to work with you to help THINK OF and EXECUTE A GREAT IDEA that is informative yet entertaining for the betterment of your business.

About the 2009 Reel
Title plates are a tribute to my grandfather whose boots I used as a model reference for the intro and outro scenes. I conceptualized, designed, modeled, textured, animated, and composited every scene in the reel. Most scenes are clips from various web-commercials all completed during 2009. This is the reason why some of the scenes look a little compressed. Special thanks to Ace Boone for contributing the music.


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