BlueAnt Wireless: Embrace Affordable Luxury

Client: BlueAnt Wireless

BlueAnt Embrace Stereo headphones are high-end mobile entertainment device without the outlandish price tag. Inspired by urban living, the Embrace Affordable Luxury video theme centers around connectivity. as the Embrace headphones connect to a multitude of devices throughout the piece. The custom music is a melding of contemporary rock and electronica along with samples of classical music as the animation is timed to the soundtrack in a music video-style fashion. On a technical level, the piece was built in 3D (cinema 4D) and composited later in After Effects.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in Chicago, Silicon Valley and London,
BlueAnt Wireless is a market leader in Bluetooth and Mobile Entertainment. Vidox is a Louisiana-based full-service video production company.

Production Company: Vidox Motion Imagery
Direction and Script: Chris Allain, Angela Wong
3D Modeling and Animation: Joel Hebert
Compositing: Scott Rachal
Styleboards: Joel Hebert
Music and Sound FX: Cal Stevenson

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