Liceadex Point-Of-Purchase Poster


Client: Liceadex Lice Products

Objectives: To increase in-store awareness of newly launched Lice product

Details: I recently took part in the re-branding of a line of lice products called Liceadex. Sized at the standard 11×17, this poster was used as supplemental material for in-store displays for Liceadex, a non-toxic lice treatment product.

Workflow: Strata 3D, Illustrator, Photoshop

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  • Joe says:

    Sadly my sister has had lice don’t tell alot of pepole though. It came from bad expierence in elementry school, but she only had it for a week before we fully rided it.THIS IS HOW!1. Get listerine2. Get a shower cap.3. Put the listerine in the hair for an hour.4. Once the hour is up rinse the listerine out5. Take a fine-tooth comb and some lice egg remover and brush the remainder eggs out.THIS IS DEFINATELY THE BEST WAY TO RID OF THEM!I hope this helps!References : Sister had the nasty little buggers.

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