PamperVention Logo

PamperVention Beauty Line (logo bug AND logo shown)

Objective: Create an identity for a line of beauty products

Details: What happens when you enter the highly competitive skin care beauty product market with extremely, cheap ugly packaging? For one, competing becomes a real ugly duck vs. a super-model situation. PamperVention did have one competitive advantage that it could claim: Its products not only beauty enhancing traits such as moisturizing, it also had a slew of medicinal skin care benefits. My task was to re-brand the PamperVention line and make it more worthy of it’s price tag while emphasizing the beauty + medicinal benefits. After the re-branding, PamperVention packs were successfully sold on Ebay. The “P” on the logo was stylized to appear like the universal female sign. Also, the horizontal line also made a “+” to symbolize medicinal AND beauty.


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