Basecamp Records


Client: Basecamp Records

Objective: Create an identity for a start-up record company

Details: Basecamp Records is not your father’s record company. The name was actually a nickname of a nickname of the apartment of one of the founders. You know the place? It was resided by a group of long-time friends who went to college together always had that one apartment in college where there is always someone sleeping on the couch, it’s about as clean as a fraternity house, and the only studying going on is trying to remember their conversation from the hot chick they met at the bar from the night before. You get the point. A typical group of males in college. So, when they decided to grow up and go into business together, their years of friendship could only help with their goals of making Basecamp a success. Basecamp’s main focus is taking talented, unproven artists and building an unstoppable following built from playing live shows, working hard at their craft, and a strong web 2.0 authority, all in hopes of making a living playing music for a living. The design was meant to be simple that way it would never take away from the branding of the band being promoted.

Workflow: Illustrator

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